Schedule of Prices (excerpt)

Holy Offices

Weddings for couples from other parishes 300.00 €

Baptism at times outside church services 50.00 €


Church tours

– Groups of up to 10 persons 30.00 €

– Every additional person 3.00 € (free for children up to 14 years old)

Visits to special rooms

(practice room with canons‘ gallery; bishops’ chapel; Wrba font; Nazarener Room; cobblers’ pew)

By appointment only and with max. 15 persons per visit
– In addition to cost of church tour, per person 2.00 €

– Fee for special rooms only (not including church tour)

– Basic fee 15.00 €

– per person (free for children up to 14 years) 3.00 €

Organ music in church tours (approx. 10 minutes) 20.00 €

Organ demonstration with explanations (approx. 30 minutes)

in combination with a church tour, flat rate of 50.00 €

Organ demonstration with explanations, without church tour

up to 10 persons 50.00 €

each additional person 5.00 €

Private organ concert /music (per 30 minutes)
– use of organ and church 50.00 €

(Users are responsible themselves for agreeing fees with the organist!)

Heating costs

Heating for baptisms, weddings and other events is charged according to the energy use.

Use of the archive

For use of the archive of the church/church congregation, including the church records and associated services (e.g. preparation and certification of church records), the latest version applies of the regulations valid since 1st March 2005 of the schedule of fees for church archives of the state church in Saxony (Amtsblatt 2005 p. A 19).

Other uses

Prices for use and costs for services for musical events, film or video and sound recordings and photography by third parties in the church are agreed case by case. This also applies to other uses of the church by third parties. Preparation and conclusion of contracts is made directly with the Chapter. Users are fully liable for damage caused.

Payments according to this schedule of fees are to be made to the Chapter. The Chapter will decide on application about discounts, postponements or cancellations.

This schedule of fees was approved by the Chapter in its meeting of 4th November 2011 and updated in the meeting of 2nd November 2017.

Wurzen, January 2018 Leo v. Sahr, Dean