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900 years after the foundation of the church, we are so up-to-date that we even have a shop. Jesus, as you will know, drove the traders out of the temple. Our shop therefore does not exist physically, but only on this homepage. You can buy the goods and books shown here directly from the producer/dealer/publisher. Of course you can also contact us by telephone, fax or e- mail (see contact ) if you would like to buy the following products, the proceeds of which are used in part for the benefit of St Mary’s Church.

Der Dom St. Marien zu Wurzen – 900 Jahre Bau- and Kunstgeschichte der Kollegiatstiftskirche St. Marien zu Wurzen

Contributions to the colloquy of 17th October 2014
Arbeitshefte des Landesamtes für Denkmalpflege Sachsen, 23
Available from: office of the Chapter (see Contact/Legal) for 10.00 euros.

Erschienen: November 2015
2014 was the 900th anniversary of the consecration of the Church of St Mary in Wurzen. It is the multi-faceted nature of the building that makes it so appealing: from the Romanesque, Gothic, late Gothic and neo-Gothic periods to modern times, every age has left traces here. The articles in this volume are the results of a colloquy held in October 2014 on the occasion of the anniversary. Their themes are the architectural history of the church and the history of the Chapter.

Dom St. Marien zu Wurzen

This lavishly illustrated book was written by an expert on the church, Andrea Sander. It is devoted to the architectural and art history of the Church of St Mary, and describes vividly the interior fittings. The book, published by Sax-Verlag, costs 12.00 euros and can be purchased from the office of the Chapter (see Contact/Legal) or from the publisher (Sax-Verlag Markkleeberg).

Brochure about the church and palace

The brochure entitled Der Dom and das Schloss zu Wurzen is devoted to the architectural history, the ownership and the functions of these two buildings, which lie adjacent to one another and have made their mark – and continue to make their mark – on the whole region. The brochure was published in 2011 by Verlags-, Werbe- and Philaservice GmbH Robert Schmidt in cooperation with the Chapter (Sup. emeritus Horst Schulze). It costs 4.00 euros.