• A warm welcome

The Chapter of the Collegiate Church of St Mary in Wurzen (Wurzener Dom) would like to extend a warm welcome and introduce this interesting religious building to you.

August 16th 2014 was the 900th anniversary of the church – but precisely for this reason, there is always something new to discover in and around the church. The latest findings of the conservation team’s recent examination of the history of the building have been included on this site in the section about the architecture. We take you on a virtual tour of the church. With just one click, you will feel like an angel gliding through the building. There is much to interest historians in the story of the building, which is closely connected to the history of the bishops who ruled in the adjacent palace. All who are interested in art history will find a wide range of items from medieval art to the controversial fittings installed in 1930-31 by Prof. Georg Wrba, including the impressive crucifixion group. For those walking the Way of St James or the Way of Luther, the church is quite simply a station along the way that must not be missed. Music lovers, too, will take pleasure in the church, which has a rich musical life with many high-quality concerts, aided by the great Jehmlich organ. All of these things are experienced by the congregation at Sunday services in the church.

The Chapter looks forward to welcoming you soon to the church.

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