The Church in Use

Erntedankgottesdienst 2011 - Foto: LVZ/Röse
Harvest thanksgiving in 2011 – photo: LVZ/Röse

After more than three decades of intensive work, the Wurzener Dom is not only an architectural monument and a witness to history, but above all a place of worship, full of life. In addition to church services, many concerts and special events are held. The north gallery is a home to church music.

After the Reformation the college of priests, who celebrated holy mass in the Middle Ages and were responsible for the liturgy of the hours, became the Chapter, now Protestant, which is responsible for the Collegiate Church of Wurzen. The Chapter consists of the provost, the dean and five other members, who are nominated by the state bishop, the head of the college. The Chapter meets several times a year; it discusses all subjects related to the preservation of the church building as well as religious, musical and other subjects that serve to fill the church with life and to convey Christian values sustainably and to a high standard. Once each year, traditionally on the so-called Day of the Canons, the bishop of the State Church preaches in the Wurzener Dom.