As the church decayed greatly between 1945 and 1979, the State Church of Saxony considered giving it to the town of Wurzen as a concert hall or to the Roman Catholic community of the town as a “second church”. For this reason, early in 1980 discussions were held with the Chapter of St Mary’s Church about whether funds should or could be invested to preserve the church.

Since 1982 the chapter has undertaken great efforts to preserve and restore the historic fabric of the building. The roofs were newly covered with copper or tiles, the outer walls plastered and painted. The roof support structure was repaired, the gutters and downpipes renewed. The considerable costs of the building work were raised by the Lutheran State Church of Saxony, the former county of Wurzen and private donors. Support was received from the federal government for restoring the towers.

From 1998 onwards, renovation of the interior was carried out in several phases (replastering, colour scheme, etc.). Between 1998 and 2001 the great organ was thoroughly overhauled, and for the anniversary year in 2014 new lighting was installed in the nave.
In 2021, following years of work, an accessible entrance via the main door on the south side of the church was completed.

South side of the church – photo: Z Thomas
South side of the church – photo: Z Thomas