Johannes Dickert

Canon since 2010 – sub-senior

Domherr Johannes Dickert

Born 21st June 1953 in Grüna (now part of Chemnitz)

Married, 2 adult children

Lives in Wurzen

Education and career:

Training as carpenter

Studied church music in Dresden, theological teacher training in Potsdam

1977 – 1986 Musical director in Hartha parish near Döbeln

1986 – 2019 Saxony and organist of Wurzen parish

1986 – 2013 Musical director of Wurzen, Grimma, Leipziger Land church districts

Since 2009 Musical director at Wurzener Dom, honorary position

Further honorary positions:

1996 – 2008 Member of synod of the Lutheran State Church of Saxony

Member of church committee of Lutheran Congregation of Wurzen

Member of various societies