Heinz Hartwig Böhmer

Canon since 2016 – dean since 2021

Heinz Hartwig Böhmer

Born 14th December 1952 in Piet Retief, South Africa

Married, 4 adult children

Lives in Zschölkau near Krostitz

Education and career:

1971 – 1978 Training as auditor, Bachelor in business studies

Fellow of the Institute of Management Accountants, London, MBA (Master of Business Leadership) University of South Africa

1976 – 1991 Managing director and self-employed management consultant in South Africa

1992 – 1993 Management consultant at Price Waterhouse Coopers in Berlin and Leipzig

1994 – 1995 Managing director of MIBRAG

1996 – 2000 Managing director of GP Papenburg Gruppe

2001 – 2015 Managing director of ENEBA group, incl. managing director of Kreiswerke Delitzsch GmbH

Since 1994 Shareholder of Oberon Pharma group of companies in South Africa, managing director of the group

Since 2000 Managing owner of Böhmer Consult GmbH

Further honorary positions:

Since 1993 Director of the church choir in Podelwitz

2002 – 2020 Member of the synod of the Lutheran State Church of Saxony and member of the church management team

2008 – 2020 Chair of the finance committee

2002 – 2008 Chair of the examinations committee

Since 2008 Deputy chair of the examinations committee

2012 – 2014 Member of the synodal Special Committee for Church Music

2004 – 2016 President of TSV Rackwitz 2004-2016