Alexander Wieckowski

Canon since 2022

Alexander Wieckowski

Born 15th November 1977 in Pirna
Married, 1 child
Lives in Wurzen

Education and career:

Studied theology in Leipzig and Heidelberg

Vicar in Brandis-Beucha and Wurzen

2007 – 2017 Church minister in Großhennersdorf-Rennersdorf and Ruppersdorf/Oberlausitz

Since 2017 Church minister in Wurzen and since 2020 head of parish office of Wurzener Land

Further honorary positions:

Board member of Diakoniewerk Oberlausitz e.V. (2010 – 2020)

Member of Order of St John, 2007 honorary knight, 2017 Rechtsritter, member of council, 2010 – 2022 deputy head of Oberlausitz chapter, 2013 – 2022 Johanniter-Hilfsgemeinschaft Oberlausitz

Since 2008 Lecturer in church history, specialising in the ancient church, Middle Ages, history of faith

Since 2008 Board member Zinzendorff-Schloss Bertelsdorf e.V. friends’ association

Since 2012 Board member in working group on church history in Saxony

Since 2018 Board member and since 2021 chair of society for history and Old Town of Wurzen